Order Cattle Bedding In East Anglia

Do you need a supply of quality cattle bedding in East Anglia?

Janbor Ltd provides an assortment of products produced using recycled wood, including cattle bedding to keep your livestock dry in winter. We use state-of-the-art wood shredders to produce all our products.

Bedding is important for creating a sanitary and dry space for livestock. It will also keep cows clean and help to keep them healthy. Our bedding will absorb moisture, therefore controlling the levels of environmental bacteria.

Janbor is a trusted supplier to a wide range of clients in East Anglia.

We mostly take in A and B grade wood and turn it into everything from cattle and chicken bedding to horse gallops and arenas. Our products include biomass fuel which is delivered to a wide range of clients in East Anglia.

Since we only use recycled wood, you’re guaranteed the most environmentally-friendly products. We’re always happy to advise on the right products for your requirements.

If you need to order cattle bedding, simply get in touch with our team today.

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