Order Woodchips For Biomass Fuel In The South East

In 2010 around 4.3 million tons of timber waste accumulated in the UK, which included an incredible 6 million Christmas trees!

One of the greatest things about timber is it’s easily recyclable and sustainable. It can be turned into everything from bedding for animals to wood chips for biomass fuel.

Wood recycling is important because it reduces the amount of waste at landfills. Construction and demolition materials like wood make up around 25-30% of waste in landfills annually and recycling timber is one of the easiest ways to create a greener planet.

Janbor Ltd can turn your tree waste into all sorts of useful products. We work with customers from all over the South East who want their green waste to go to a good place.

Janbor provides a range of products made from recycled wood, including woodchips for biomass wood.

Based in Hertfordshire, Janbor Ltd can use your tree waste to produce products like biomass fuel, chipboards and animal bedding.

Established 25 years ago, we have sites based in two places in the UK, with our Hertfordshire base ideal for customers in the South East. In 2017 we opened a new site in Swaffham, Norfolk.

If you need suppliers of woodchips for biomass fuel, simply get in touch today.

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