About Us

Company History

1991 Jan started repairing wooden pallets as a sideline to his bricklaying business.

1993 Stopped bricklaying business to concentrate on pallet repair business and began making new pallets.

1996 Moved to larger site @ Standon as business expanding and needed more space. Business was now 50:50 repair and new pallets.

2000 Bought own site @ Furneux Pelham.
Bought wood chipper and was one of the first few to start wood recycling.

2002 Started up another site on the Donarbons Waste Management site near Cambridge

2005 Expanded business and started developing other products such as animal bedding, mulch & coloured bedding, biomass fuel for boilers.

2013 Opened new site in Fakenham, Norfolk to service a local contract

2016 Bought a new 5 acre site near Swaffham, Norfolk which will open for business in 2017

2016 Celebrating 15 years of Janbor Ltd and 25 years of Pallets Unlimited

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