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Wood briquettes made from virgin wood. 

Made from 100% recycled virgin wood with NO additives or glues, they are clean and easy to handle. Made by using renewable energy IE solar panels and biomass boiler. 

Not only are they excellent value, they also offer high burn temperatures which is perfect fuel for wood burners, fires and firepits. Briquettes burn hotter and longer than logs, produce much less ash and are safer as they don’t spit. 

To get the best results, we recommend using 4-5 briquettes on a bed of newspaper, kindling or firelighters to start your fire. Keep the main airflow fully open and once alight, add a few more then reduce the airflow intake. 

  • High burn temperatures

  • Safe for wood burners

  • Very low ash content

  • Clean to handle#


Bulk bags £60 per bag 

(discount on multiple bulk bags ordered) 

£3.50 per 10kg bags or 3x 10kg bags for £10

For more info please call 01279 777666 or email

 All prices are inclusive of VAT charged at 5%