Call Today For Wood Recycling In Hertfordshire

Located in several locations including Norfolk and Hertfordshire, Janbor Ltd is a leading company for wood recycling.

Whether you have wood available for recycling or are looking to purchase products made from recycled wood, Janbor Ltd is highly experienced in this industry and offers everything from pallets and biomass fuel to animal bedding.

Our work includes taking in tree waste and arb chip, so please contact our friendly team if you have this type of wood available. With an excellent reputation, you can rely on us to provide quality products made from recycled wood, including pallets and briquettes.

Our team recycle an incredible one million pallets a year, with thousands available of reconditioned standard, including Euro and non-standard sizes. We can also make new pallets to your specific specifications.

Janbor Ltd has been in the wood recycling industry since 1993 and bought 5 new acres in Norfolk in 2016, which has been open for business for the past three years. With our quick and efficient service, it’s never been easier to purchase eco-friendly and quality products for your home or business.

If you need wood recycling in Norfolk or Hertfordshire, get in touch with Janbor for more information today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have.