Quick And Efficient Timber Waste Removal

Do you need timber waste removed from your domestic or commercial site?

Janbor Ltd has over 15 years of experience in this industry and uses timber waste to make a wide range of products. 

Based in Hertfordshire, we can collect timber waste from a wide range of locations and turn it into a range of products, including biomass fuel, animal bedding, garden mulch, chipboard production, boiler fuel, wood pellets, horse gallops and arenas.

Whether you need timber waste removal in Norfolk or Hertfordshire or the surrounding locations, our team can make the process as stress-free as possible.

Originally established in 1991, we recently bought a new 5-acre site near Swaffham, Norfolk which opened for business in 2017. Forward-thinking and innovative, Janbor Ltd is constantly looking for new ways to recycle timber waste and prevent items from ending up on the landfill.

Highly experienced, our dedicated team can make removing garden waste simple and straightforward. We love helping private homeowners and commercial companies to be as environmentally-friendly as they can.

If you need a professional timber waste removal service, why not find out more about Janbor Ltd today? Or simply get in touch with our team to arrange a collection today.