Reconditioned Pallets South East

Jabor Limited is a well-known and respected company, that have worked for over 15 years to build an impressive reputation within the Timber Industry. We at Janbor Ltd specialise in the recycling of wood waste and produce a number of products. For example, some of the wood we get goes into animal bedding, garden mulch, even chipboard production for dart boards and the like. If you’re ordering from Jabor Limited, you can be sure, not just that you’re getting a high quality product, but also that you’re recycling and benefiting the environment by supporting our business and making that purchase.

We’re one of the best businesses that handle reconditioned pallets throughout the South East. We accept a lot of different kinds of tinder for a number of different purchases, be it turning untreated timber cuts into chicken bedding, or perhaps turning thrown out furniture into biomass fuel, our business is recycling, part of a growing industry, and we’re at the forefront.

Additional Services

More than our regular products, we also offer machinery hire, meaning if you have a need for high-speed shredders to maintain and push your business through the busy christmas season, then look no further than joining us in business and we’ll see to getting you the best vehicle for the job.

To learn more about our products, take a look at the information on our website, alternatively give us a ring on: 01279 777666