Sawdust Briquettes Made On-Site

Are you looking to order sawdust briquettes in East Anglia?

It’s hard to believe but the colder months are already on its way and it won’t be long before winter fuel is in-demand. Janbor Ltd produces a range of different products on-site including what’s known as ‘sawdust briquettes’.

These are briquettes that are used for log burners and open fires and are an excellent substitute for logs. With winter on the way, now is a great time to purchase these types of products.

Sawdust briquettes are made from compressed blocks of sawdust that have been soaked and pressed at high pressure. They can not only be used as fuel for heating but for cooking. This is because compressed briquettes made from sawdust, plant waste and waste paper are excellent for turning waste into cooking fuel.

Janbor Ltd regularly supplies sawdust briquettes to people in the East Anglia region. Sawdust briquettes are just one of the many products we make from recycled wood, along with everything from animal bedding and biomass fuel to wood pellets and horse arenas.

If you’re looking to purchase sawdust briquettes, simply get in touch with our friendly team today.