Our products are produced using the state-of-the-art wood-shredders, chippers and screeners.

Wood Grade Products
A Grade Clean biomass fuel (non-wid compliant boilers)
A carbon neutral, “green” and clean renewable fuel solution. Biomass fuel from recycled wood means you are more in control.
Horse gallops and Arenas
We can supply re-cycled wood chip for horse gallops and arenas.
Cattle & Chicken bedding
Chipped timber bedding, compared to straw bedding, requires less frequent additions, keeps animals cleaner and can be cheaper in drought years when straw is scarce.
Feed stock for chipboard mills
Briquettes >
B Grade Feed stock 4 chipboard mills
Biomass fuel (wid compliant boilers)
C Grade Biomass fuel
Pelliting plants
Trees/Tree Stumps Wood mulches
Multi-purpose grade woodchip. It is a natural product and will enhance the appearance of your garden. Janbor mulch will inhibit weed growth, improve moisture retention and insulate plant roots, minimising plant loss in winter weather
Sawdust Spill control and absorbant:
Our sawdust is ideal for cleaning up spillages and provides an economical alternative to other absorbents. Supplied in 50 or 100 litres bags.De-icing / anti slip solutions:
All de-icers have the potential to damage vegetation, concrete and corrode metal. However our sawdust provides a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to de-icing products. Supplied in 50 or 100 litre bags.