Wood recycling

We take in all waste timber for recycling. The timber is segregated into different grades and categories:

Wood Grade Example items Product(s)
A Grade
  • Waste pallets
  • Packing crates
  • Timber off cuts (untreated)
  • Clean biomass fuel (non-wid compliant boilers)
  • Horse gallops and Arenas
  • Cattle & Chicken bedding
  • Feed stock for chipboard mills
  • Pelleting & briquette plants
B Grade
  • Mixed wood (demolition timber)
  • Furniture
  • Painted timber
  • *No railway sleepers / telegraph poles*
  • Feed stock for chipboard mills
  • Biomass fuel (wid compliant boilers)
C Grade

We don’t really like to take in C grade wood. Please inform us before coming to the yard if you are bringing C grade wood in otherwise we might turn your load down

  • Chip board
  • MDF
  • Contaminated waste wood
  • Biomass fuel
  • Pelliting plants
Tree Waste
  • Hard wood
  • Whole trees
  • Tree stumps (must be soil free)
  • Wood mulches
Tree Stumps
  • Tree stumps with soil
  • Branches, twigs etc (not green waste)
  • Wood mulches
Tree Surgery/Forestry Chip

  • Virgin wood chip
Sawdust / Shavings

  • Joinery sawdust / shavings

All other types have a gate fee. Contact Janbor Ltd for the latest gate fee prices.