Need To Order Quality Cattle Bedding In Hertfordshire?

Janbor Ltd produces a range of products using state-of-the-art wood-shredders, chippers and screeners. That includes quality bedding for your cattle this winter.

We regularly supply this type of product to farmers in Hertfordshire, along with a wide range of products made from recycled wood. Our bedding will keep chickens or cattle warm, snug and clean during even the coldest winter.

Janbor Ltd sells affordable chipped wood bedding which requires fewer additions than straw bedding. Our products also include:

  • Clean biomass fuel that a carbon-neutral, renewable fuel source.
  • Recycled wood chips for horse gallops and arenas.
  • Feedstock for chipboard mills.
  • Sawdust which is ideal for spill control and working as an absorbent. This can be excellent as a deicing and anti-slip solution.
  • Briquettes at highly competitive prices, including those made of sawdust.
  • Tree stumps which are ideal for enhancing your garden, along with mulch to inhibit weed growth, improve moisture retention and insulate plant roots, minimising plant loss in winter weather

If you need a steady supply of cattle bedding in the South East, simply get in touch with our team today.

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