Searching For An Experienced Wood Recycling Company In Suffolk?

With over 15 years of experience in the wood recycling industry, Janbor Ltd is a highly experienced along with respected company within this sector.

We now operate from two sites in Hertfordshire and Norfolk, making us ideal for those in nearby Suffolk.

Janbor Ltd specialises in the recycling of wood waste which we use to produce all sorts of products. We use state of the art wood shredders, chippers and screeners to recycle wood and products we produce include:

  • Biomass fuel for clean and environmentally friendly fuel solutions. That includes A, B and C grade biomass fuel.
  • Animal bedding including those for chickens and cows.
  • Garden mulch.
  • Feedstocks for chipboard production
  • Boiler fuel.
  • Wood pellets and sawdust.
  • Horse gallops and arenas.

You can view a comprehensive list of the products we produce on our website.

Our work includes taking in tree waste and arb chip in Suffolk. When we take in waste timber for recycling, it will be segregated into different grades and categories. We also produce quality briquettes and pallets from recycled wood in Suffolk.

If you’re searching for a wood recycling company in Suffolk, simply get in touch with our team today. Or find out more about Janbor Ltd and what we do on our website.